About Us

MaryKayInTouch is an online platform that provides independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultants with 24/7 access to information and services to help them run their Mary Kay business more efficiently and conveniently.


In addition to having the latest technology and information at their fingertips, independent beauty consultants have access to the friendship and support of a large community of female entrepreneurs who will help them powerfully grow their businesses.

As a freelance consultant, you can not only sell products that help women look and feel beautiful, but you can also work from home or where it is easier for you to be in contact with clients, which is your full control, flexibility, and work. You decide how much time you spend on each customer account and there is no pressure to sell more than you want.


If you are looking to start your own business and have not yet signed up as a MaryKayInTouch Beauty Consultant, consider this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Earn up to 50% for every Mary Kay sold at the suggested retail price for a chance to win a Mary Kay Career Auto, one of the best automotive incentive programs in the world. Sales sector today.

But that is not all. With more than 300 beauty products including innovative skincare products, trendy color cosmetics, and personal care products, independent consultant MaryKayInTouch also has the opportunity to form a team that empowers them to receive rewards. and cash bonuses. and commissions based on the sales of your team members.

If you are already a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant on your account, follow these steps to access your account.